Andrea Deane Thompson


b. 1986, HK.


How the falling ladies came to be...

I started painting again in 2011 and the falling ladies appeared. They were not planned, they just appeared when i sat down to paint, and they needed to fall. They were me and not me. They were falling because we just found out my youngest son had autism. They were falling because life gets messy, and hard, and out of control. But they fell with grace and style and loved the wind on the way down!

What’s next:

Since painting so many ladies falling, I have gone on to paint mandalas (and co-authored a book with Walter Foster publishing on how to paint mandalas called 'Mandalas for the Inspired Artist'), and well as painted illustrations for children (and self published a children's picture book called 'The Bee Queen' on Blurb and Amazon), painted rainbow colored art for prints, and river rock prints (all available in my etsy shop) and created toddler based images for nurseries or baby clothing (available in my Cafe Press shop), and filled countless nature sketch books. I am hoping to illustrate more children's books and magazines as my next project.